Q: How to wash rhinestone tumblers ? 
A: Hand wash only. Do not soak or scrub. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. 

Q: Do snow globe tumblers settle ? 
A: YES. Just like a real snow globe, these tumblers are activated by shaking them. Eventually the glitter or other items inside of the cup will settle or separate to the bottom of top of the cup but should move around when shaken. 

Q: Do you accept custom orders? 
A: Heck yes we do ! Email us or contact us through our website in the “Contact Us” tab. Find us on social media Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. 

Q: Are products used to make the cups toxic? 
A: Absolutely not. We use all non toxic glue, paint & sealer that are harmless to the skin. 

Q: How will my cup be shipped? 
A: Most of our products are shipped inside of boxes to ensure safety of product and that nothing is damaged. However, some stainless steel & glass jars are bubble wrapped and shipped inside the original box and then inside of a padded envelope. 

Q: How do the GLOW tumblers work? 
A: Sublimation glow tumblers are activated by UV light either from a UV flashlight or lamp or by the sun itself. These cups will only glow when exposed to UV. All glow tumblers are white then change to either glow red, blue or green in the dark. All glow cups have a matte finish. 

Q: What are your processing times? 

A: Full rhinestone tumblers have a TAT of 1-2 weeks ( business days ) processing time then a 1-3 business day shipping time. Non custom sublimation tumblers ( glass or stainless steel ) have a TAT of 1-3 business days and a shipping time of 1-3 business days. All custom orders or inquires need to be emailed to us & each custom order may differ in processing times. 

Q: What’s the difference between Matte or Glossy Tumblers ? 
A: Matte tumblers have a dull smooth finish. 
A: Glossy tumblers have a glossy high shine finish. 

Q: How will my Sublimated apparel be effected long term & in the wash ? 
A: Sublimation is the process of infusing ink onto material. Sublimated apparel may gradually fade into a “ vintage “ style look but should never fade completely. 

Q: How will my DTF, Screen Print or Vinyl apparel be effected long term & in the wash ? 
A: None of these materials will fade during or after washing & drying. These all have a vinyl like feel to them and are lightweight and durable.